Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Dharma of Sharknado

Some of you are probably aware of latest SyFy movie Sharknado that blew up the internet recently. While I was watching this cinematic epic I realized that there are some profound teachings that can be taught by using the analogy of a Sharknado. So here is my take on the Dharma of Sharknado

The tornado is like the mind that is always spinning and fighting to stop the mind from doing what it is created to do is like throwing a school of sharks into to the tornado, from there it will leave a trail of carnage everywhere it goes.

This is what happens during meditation when a meditator struggles with his or her mind to stop the thoughts. The energy we use to struggle against them is throwing sharks into a tornado. The trick is not to trying to stop the mind but to stop and let the mind be the mind, and let the thought be just thoughts, and not to become attached to them. When the meditator sees a thought then begins to build a story around the thought that is like feeding the shark, and trying to stop the thoughts completely is creating more sharks.

Just watch to tornado spin because that is what a tornado does. It will go where it wants but we don’t need to do anything else. Just watch the mind spin because that is what it does, when we stop to just watch we may notice some gaps in wind of the mind in those gaps there is a calm quit space, like being in the eye of a storm, that is the clear mind, the Buddha mind.

I know this is not my best blog post ever but whatever I wrote it during commercials while watching Sharknado and it is a way to take advantage of the buzz on the internet.

Thanks for reading
El Dharmarado Tamer of the Sharknado