Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fucking 'A'

Have you ever reached that point of exhaustion when there is nothing left to say or do, and all there is left is to surrender to the moment? You a deep breath and exhale while sitting back and say fucking 'A'! In that very moment of absolute surrender there is a deep feeling freedom and peace. When we simply give up stop judging,and trying to change things all there is left is fucking 'A'. What does the the 'A' stand for? I always thought it stood for "ass". When I Googled the topic I discovered this question has been a matter of debate ever since the phrase entered the English language. The one explanation that I found most feasible is "affirmative" in the military affirmative was used to mean that you understood the orders given. It evolved to fucking affirmative, from there it was shorten to fucking 'A'. The word "affirmative" means expressing agreement. How marvelous it is that the term fucking 'A' is used in situations of surrender and the 'A' may have came from a word that means "in agreement with".

Fucking 'A' has become a way of life for me. It gives me the strength to deal with any situation. That strength is a result of surrender, that allows the mind to see things as they are rather than what the ego wants. It has taught me how much more beneficial it is to "let go" rather than holding on to things, and grasping for more. Life in this moment is always perfect just as it is. Fucking 'A' captures the spiritual essence of freedom and love for others because when there is an acceptance that everything is perfect as it is, even in the most difficult situations as a result there is no conflict and no reason to be pissed off. Imagine a world a world where nobody is pissed off! What would we do? Perhaps, we would just take care of our basic needs, and enjoy life rather than struggle Fucking 'A'.

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El Dharmarado