Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Enlightenment Pill

Take the red pill, or the blue pill. The red one will wake you up, the blue and you will remain in ignorance. Is there such a thing as an enlightenment pill? If so would you take it? We are surrounded by pills. Money is the pill for wealth. Large TVs with Netflix are the pills ignorance. Friends and family are the pills of self worth. Big houses and fancy cars are the big ego pills. Sex, drugs, and alcohol are pills of bliss. The pill for enlightenment is to stop taking pills altogether.

No magic pills can save us from our suffering. Being alive is an odd state to be in. We seem to exist. Yet, we cannot understand the reason. It is a confusing situation to be in. Most of us feel existence has a purpose, but none of us can figure out what that purpose is. The more we struggle to figure it out. The gloomier and more futile life becomes. As a result, we take pills, and more pills we take the deeper we fall.

So, what are we to do?

A girl once asked me, “What is the meaning of life?”

I answered, “I don’t know, I don’t think it’s important”

She responded, “I think its irony.”

Then I said, “ Irony, and it not being important are the same”

All we can do is laugh at it. Why struggle? Why try to figure it out? Why take the pills? Enjoy the wonder! Relish in the mystery. We know very little about reality and how it manifests. The same is true of our own existence. We don’t have a clue as why we are here and aware of this moment?
The clue is “This moment”

Then it is gone.

I believe that there is a lot that we human don’t know. I estimate that we can only understand Ten Percent of reality. Perhaps, we can experience and perceive Ten Percent of what reality has to offer. That is why I try to stay open to all kinds of possibilities, even far-out shit like ghost, the occult, astrology, big foot, aliens, and maybe even God. Who knows? Hell, if I am here now, then anything is possible and no pills are needed.

Thanks El Dhamarado.

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